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A New Light On Angels by Diana Cooper

A New Light On Angels by Diana Cooper

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A New Light On Angels


by Diana Cooper


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"I believe in angels" is the title of a well-known-song - but do we really?  With this book, we meet everyday folks who have experienced angels in their lives.  Yes, angels do exist: they are highly evolved beings that have a lighter and faster vibration than humans, and are normally invisible to us.  However, many of them have chosen to serve mankind and are available to help, support, heal and guide us - all we have to do is ask!  There are small angels who care for the little daily tasks and enormous beings that overlight great universal projects.  There are angels who can assist in healing and others who attend celebrations and rituals.

With close to 50% new materials including new stories, new visualizations and new information on Archangels, this edition of A New Light on Angels gives us guidance on how we can call on them for help and companionship in our lives.  We are surrounded by angels, all we have to do is raise our consciousness to become aware of them and communicate with them, to welcome them into our lives and allow the joy, light and peace of their presence into our hearts.